Upraise [verb]

Definition of Upraise:


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Sentence/Example of Upraise:

I pressed it, and, satisfied with the discovery, forbore to upraise the sash.

And each cañon as he passed was empty, and each had some shrub, like a crouching man, to startle him and upraise the revolver.

The floor and upraise of this recess is plastered with adobe, which in several places is smooth and well made.

For national right and justice, for really oppressed nationalities, she has long ceased to upraise her voice or her arm.

Mrs. Fane looked with her kind round eyes into the worn face that tried to upraise itself to greet her.

I have spent fifty years of my life trying to upraise my class.

He struck the root of the tree with his tunnel and made an upraise to the inside of the trunk.