Uprightly [adverb]

Definition of Uprightly:


Opposite/Antonyms of Uprightly:

Sentence/Example of Uprightly:

But no—Clara was actually walking steadily and uprightly beside Heidi.

Your fool will stand for your lady most willingly and most uprightly.

His face was worn and haggard; latterly his head had not been carried so uprightly as of old.

On another there is a crown resting upon a pedestal, and the words "Si recte facias" (If you do uprightly).

This thing alone of itself may be an argument sufficient that they work not uprightly and truly.

But he behaved well, and uprightly; and declared that he would not break his oath to King Haco.

As he likewise did this business most uprightly, he was enrolled in the band of the king's retainers.

Answer, That in so doing "they walked not uprightly according to the truth of the Gospel."

They seem to breathe rich promises of that full fruition to which our own lives shall come if we live them well and uprightly.

Haughty and deceptive spirits cannot refrain from such conduct, but love deals honestly and uprightly and face to face.