Uproarious [adjective]

Definition of Uproarious:


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Sentence/Example of Uproarious:

For Tobe was rolling about the room in an ecstasy of uproarious mirth.

The more part received the divine message in uproarious jubilation.

I slunk on and on, shivering with cold, through the uproarious streets.

Amid the uproarious merriment provoked by their speeches I sat in silence.

Outside the most uproarious music could be heard: no one would have heard the cry for help.

Uproarious and naïve are the humours of South Street, lying just behind us.

With others he took part in the uproarious merriment of the occasion.

But his mirth was so uproarious this morning that it caused the father to look worried.

Dick was uproarious in his applause whenever a man was killed.

Hence the dance that followed the banquet was an uproarious affair.