Upshots [noun]

Definition of Upshots:

end result

Synonyms of Upshots:

Opposite/Antonyms of Upshots:

Sentence/Example of Upshots:

And the upshot of that dumb battle is inequality—and beauty.

Such an upshot, as she calls it, of this unhappy affair, Heaven avert!

The upshot of the affair was that De Launay bought it at a fair price.

But young girls are willful, and the upshot of the whole matter was—she eloped with him.

We must fight on now to a finish, but the upshot is sure to be a finish.

In the upshot it proved that they were not yet to fraternize with the Army of the Valley.

Yet what shall I say of the upshot of all his talk of my economies and equivocations and the like?

I had no time to think if I had done well or ill, or what the upshot of it all was like to be.

And the upshot of it all was that the story was more than a peach; it was a pippin.

The upshot was a determination to "make it up to him" by giving him a knife.