Upstairs [adjective]

Definition of Upstairs:

on an upper floor

Synonyms of Upstairs:

Opposite/Antonyms of Upstairs:

Sentence/Example of Upstairs:

Upstairs there must have been two more rooms of the same size.

And by the spring of eighteen eighty he was upstairs in his room, too ill to be moved.

Uriah Heep may be a crawling creature; but his crawling takes him upstairs.

When K. insisted on carrying her upstairs, she went in a flutter.

"Good-night, Christine," he said, and went into the hall and upstairs.

But when she learned that K. was upstairs, oddly enough, she did not go up at once.

They are upstairs in such a funny place that I must go myself.

When she come in upstairs with you and Fisbee, they were jest as blue!

At last they gathered round, and agreed to carry him upstairs to bed.

They carried him upstairs, and crushed the youngest gentleman at every step.