Upstart [noun]

Definition of Upstart:

newly rich

Synonyms of Upstart:

Opposite/Antonyms of Upstart:


Sentence/Example of Upstart:

That Francesco was an upstart was no longer a matter of surmise with him.

Here was this upstart new boy with an air of questioning his authority.

An unedified palate is the irrepressible cloven foot of the upstart.

Besides, as I said to Francis, you had only to look at this upstart of a Jansoulet to see what he was worth.

It was by their order that the upstart Duncombe had been put in ward.

I will fight this upstart folly while breath is in me, and I will teach you to fight it with me.

Calcutta is an upstart town with no depth of sentiment in her face and in her manners.

It is not every one who's got such an easy conscience as this upstart fellow.

The upstart had ruled like the savage that he was; and, after three years of misery, the whole Roman world had risen against him.

They never ceased to regard him on that account as a soldier of fortune, and an upstart.