Upstream [adjective]

Definition of Upstream:

hard on someone; hard to do

Opposite/Antonyms of Upstream:

Sentence/Example of Upstream:

If any craft passes you, follow it upstream until you find me.

Upstream is right—and I must say the setting pole saved the day.

Rob was swimming on the upstream side, one hand on the stern.

Upstream he caught the dim outline of some dull gray masses.

Two are within a quarter of a mile, one upstream and one downstream.

Opposite Fort Mohave and upstream from it; therefore in Nevada.

Atšiδumk and atšikavakek may refer to upstream and downstream (north and south).

This village was just upstream from a rock called skEtcEƚkaiyE.

As they passed on upstream Jones said: "There's no pool above, only a rapid."

Carhart walked across to the upstream side of the mules and drank.