Uptake [noun]

Definition of Uptake:

rude answer

Synonyms of Uptake:

Opposite/Antonyms of Uptake:


Sentence/Example of Uptake:

"Say 'at it is," cried Jess, who was quicker in the uptake than her daughter.

"I only said that the once," said Wully, shocked at her glibness in the uptake.

You are slower of the uptake, Anne, than is common with you.

"Men are apt to be slow in the uptake," she added indulgently.

Now at that time I own that I was not bright in the uptake about such things.

And in that look old Fanny, slow in the uptake though she undoubtedly was, read a tremendous piece of news.

"I war jest a-studyin' erbout thet myself," affirmed Maggard whose quickness of uptake was more eager than truthful.

Quick though the French are at the uptake, it took the good Commandant just a little while to settle down to the odd position.

The uptake and toobes is all sooted up, and we carn't get no steam to the hengines no'ow!'

And the frequent traveling, in the absence of education, had made them sharp at understanding, quick in the uptake.