Uptown [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Uptown:

Say, Stilly, I'm off uptown to attend to the emptiness in this stone utensil.

This resolution coloured his reverie throughout the uptown journey.

His presence, and that of Mrs. Morton, at the uptown hotel, was known.

I locked the study door, went back to my roadster, and headed her uptown.

So Helen left for uptown with her bundles, wearing her new suit and hat.

But if you want to get uptown, the street cars is four blocks yan.

"Move upstairs more likely than uptown," replied that lady regretfully.

Crosstown, uptown, and downtown you may move without seeing her.

And I am bound to admit that the stables of my uptown place are fitted with marble.'

His father came in from uptown at last, and asked: "Has Pony come in?"