Upturn [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Upturn:

But after a' the Kirk was oor ain mither, and what for should the King misca' or upturn her?

The jackal will crouch in your palaces, and the ploughshare will upturn your tombs.

Is it consolidation to resist the force that is threatening to upturn our government?

At length the people rose in wrath and began to upturn the government and try to set up a new state of things.

I expect young McClellan to deal blows, and thus to upturn the Micawber policy.

Instead of forcing the enemy to do what we want, and upturn his schemes, McClellan seemingly does the bidding of Beauregard.

For I had gazed straight down into the upturn'd faces of Captain Settle and his gang.

In other words, what you wish to point out is that the Commerce Street ramp takes an upturn about half way up the ramp?

Novelties are for those who seek to upturn the verdicts of past ages by offering something new, rather than what is true.

But directly came the upturn of February, and poor Borrel was again broken in business, and thrice broken in spirit.