Upwards [adjective]

Definition of Upwards:

directed up

Synonyms of Upwards:

Opposite/Antonyms of Upwards:

Sentence/Example of Upwards:

My shock of surprise was the result of this upward process of inspection.

There can be no upward change which is not in accord with the laws of Nature.

Oro is as heavy in its upward falling as Grah is in its downward.

That is the normal process of civilization in its march forward and upward.

Any active boy of ten years of age and upward may become a wheelman.

But after a while they noticed that the grade was upward and the going easier.

There was an upward inflection to the voice of the Little Blue Overalls.

She flashed him an upward glance and looked as if she would have spoken.

She drew back from him a little with a frown and an upward tilt of her chin.

Ferdinand illustrated his words with a downward and an upward pointing of the finger.