Urbane [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Urbane:

And always the Phillips manner was kind and gracious and urbane.

He's so urbane in his brutality; that's what makes it so crushing.

"I perfectly agree with you," said the other, with an urbane bow.

But he snubbed her with a sharpness very unlike his urbane self.

Your custom of pairing is not what you call 'urbane' on this world.

It was not likely that the others had noticed it, for his manner was as genial and urbane as ever.

"He will be back very shortly, sir," said the urbane Fisher.

Lived at Athens in his "gardens," an urbane and kindly, if somewhat useless, life.

“You seem in haste, friends,” said the curate, with an urbane smile.

They are the most friendly and urbane things in modern English literature.