Urbanely [adverb]

Definition of Urbanely:


Opposite/Antonyms of Urbanely:


Sentence/Example of Urbanely:

Urbanely he desired to have the honour of being acquainted with their names.

Urbanely he handed her into the coach, and, after her, her woman.

“Monsieur is doubtless a great traveller,” he remarked, urbanely.

All was smoothly, exquisitely polished: urbanely, beautifully French.

"I could have let the carabinieri take you to prison," he said urbanely.

"Please choose a position among these ladies," said Foyle urbanely.

Mr. Soloman urbanely touches her on the arm—begs she will keep her seat.

"We know what we know, Monsieur Peyrolles," he said, urbanely.

Since the essay is urbanely personal, it does not take itself too seriously.

"Eet is for warning," said "The Wonderful Whalley" urbanely.