Urbanity [noun]

Definition of Urbanity:


Opposite/Antonyms of Urbanity:

Sentence/Example of Urbanity:

Despite his visitor's urbanity, he was still a little nervous.

We manage to correct a stranger with urbanity and good humour.

His tone had lost a little of its urbanity when he answered.

There was no trace of humour or urbanity now in Captain Blood.

Urbanity he practised, not with jest and witticism, but by the courtesy of his demeanour.

The urbanity was not exactly cold enough for George's notions.

I like lessons in getting on—in other words I suppose you mean in urbanity—from you, Julia!

In other respects, the new family were noted for kindliness and urbanity.

Such is the urbanity of Caesar, even while he bites his lip with displeasure.

When obliged to jostle each other they were all politeness and urbanity.