Urchin [noun]

Definition of Urchin:

mischievious youngster

Synonyms of Urchin:

Opposite/Antonyms of Urchin:


Sentence/Example of Urchin:

The urchin looked proudly up in his face, but made no reply.

"They've stopped to take a drink, you can go your money on it," said the urchin.

All at once the urchin came to a halt and planted himself in front of Henriette.

First Urchin (to Captain who has just bought a new motor-horn).

So ended the Urchin's first introduction to a university education.

A boy wanted to take his carpet bag, but he shook the urchin off.

On a ragged cot lay the urchin to whom Robby had given the biscuits.

An urchin who had frequently seen him before, stopped to gaze.

The urchin got a smart rap on the palm of his hand with the ruler.

“Fatterer than ever,” added an urchin, who in England would have been styled cheeky.