Urgently [adverb]

Definition of Urgently:


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Sentence/Example of Urgently:

You see, the ball had been announced, and immediate money was urgently needed.

His solitude terrified him, and he urgently entreated his sister to come to him.

Now, was ever a country so urgently in want of a little repose as ours?

"You had better go, sir," one of the sisters said, urgently.

She would not let him go, but he went on urgently entreating.

He strongly and urgently remonstrated against it, but in vain.

She had to write and urgently entreat the man she desired to leave her to return!

Never before have we needed so urgently to put our house in order.

He urgently enjoined that everything should be ready for their reception.

And as it rose on their shoulders Philip spoke softly, urgently.