Urges [noun]

Definition of Urges:

very strong desire

Synonyms of Urges:

Opposite/Antonyms of Urges:

Sentence/Example of Urges:

But if there be help for him, it must be a help that recognizes the highest in him, and urges him to its use.

He leaves me alone here with you and urges me to come as often as I choose.

I cannot resist the vanity that urges me to the communication.

She raves at him for the artful manner in which he urges Clarissa to marry him.

"If he so urges it, we'll not deny him," he said at last, deeming it best to humour her.

All this is true—and something in me calls for him, and urges me to go to him.

It is the art hunger that ever urges me onward, not the desire for commercial gain.

Sir Donald urges the necessity of Paul's arrest and detention.

Against this he urges his intelligence and social instincts.

Continuing, however, he urges an unusual degree of faithfulness.