Urging [noun]

Definition of Urging:


Synonyms of Urging:

Opposite/Antonyms of Urging:

Sentence/Example of Urging:

Mr Clayton was pushing me forward, and urging a dagger into my hand.

We have been selfish, sister, in urging our visit at such hazard.

He seemed to be motioning the crowd away instead of urging them on.

He caught a glimpse of a man who was urging on the riflemen and who seemed to be their leader.

But I checked him in that Falstaffian vein, urging considerations of time and cookery.

A half-savage impulse was urging him to pick a sort of quarrel with her.

Then, urging on his horse, he drove at a trot up the hill that led to the Paradou.

The chuckles of this poor man were like cuts from a whip to Therese, lashing and urging her on.

The mention of the bonds did what my urging had failed to do.

And what more she would have added I put off by urging her to mount.