Usability [noun]

Definition of Usability:

application; employment

Opposite/Antonyms of Usability:

Sentence/Example of Usability:

The service is still in its alpha stage of development, which means parts of it are unfinished and buggy, but it’s already perfectly usable.

When something is done, it doesn’t mean it’s been done well or that it is even productive or usable.

Some storage is taken up by the operating system and pre-installed apps that you can’t delete, so you may find, for example, that a model advertised with 8GB of storage only has 5GB actually usable.

The median forfeiture averaged $1,276 across the 21 states where usable data was obtainable.

In fact, despite what your internet provider might imply, that 5Mbps connection is perfectly usable for online gaming—after all, online multiplayer has been around for decades, and we played games just fine on dial-up speeds back in the day.