Used [adjective]

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I spoke to Philothea just as I used to do; without remembering that she had died.

The best doctrines become the worst, when they are used for evil purposes.

You used to support your family comfortably when you had one.

But he was making real love, and you know I'm not used to that.

Of course they did not use the letters which have been used to print this book.

He said "It is Light" and he used the rays of the early sun to gather food for his family.

They are money entrusted to him to be used for the common good.

No stones or other missiles were used; the battle was fist to fist.

He was used to dealing with pique in women, and had found it the most manageable of weaknesses.

I have used the words "they" and "their" in speaking of these heroes.