Users [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Users:

All these other uses of water which are profitable, help to lower the price of water to the users.

Until writing, language was still close to its users and bore their mark.

He could not reconcile it with the nobler attributes of the users.

All that the users pay for this article is to them lost, and worse than lost.

And it is there that the theory, generally accepted hitherto, has placed the habitat of the makers and users of these implements.

There is an opening for a dealer in animal oils if he knows the users.

Generally the users of this outfit bear themselves accordingly.

A strict rule for this sort of heading would be a boon to catalogers, but surely not to the users of the catalog.

The problem of administering a college or university library with due regard to the rights of all the users is far from simple.

Equal diligence and sagacity mark the Indians as users of stone.