Ushered [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Ushered:

After coffee we were ushered into the drawing-room, and listened to a concert.

In a few moments the visitor was ushered into the apartment.

He was standing up waiting for me when I was ushered into the room.

Before I had ended, Turkey made his appearance, ushered in by Allister.

After a few moments' delay, Wentworth was ushered into the office of this gentleman.

Jane was ushered into the closet, and soon scented out the skirt.

Aboukar, for such was the Moor's name, then ushered in his kinsman.

Miss Cushing was sitting in the front room, into which we were ushered.

"Rosalie has told me so much about you," said she, as she ushered her into their cosey room.

Soon the girl was ushered quietly in and given a seat five desks away.