Ushering [noun]

Definition of Ushering:

person who guides others to place

Synonyms of Ushering:

Opposite/Antonyms of Ushering:


Sentence/Example of Ushering:

Just then the usher appeared, and hastened up to the banker.

Never mind, I'll tell it to the usher the first time he comes this way.

The form of an usher showed itself in the half-opened doorway.

"Silence," cried the usher of the court, but the prisoner only laughed out loud.

In a moment he opens the door again, to usher in the deputation; then retires.

"A pretty story this is for our usher to have against you, to begin with," was Phil's consolation.

Perhaps the usher saw this; for when he called Hugh up, he was very kind.

"It did in this case, as I'll show you," went on Usher positively.

"Well, this one wasn't," said Usher, throwing the papers about.

In a moment an usher brought a card to the door of the d'Ochtè box.