Usurious [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Usurious:

While we indulged in every pleasure, he lent out his money at usurious interest.

Formerly all loans of that nature were regarded as usurious.

The principal being put in hazard, the interest was not usurious.

I sent a scornful reply to Don Benitos letter, returning, with usurious interest, the opprobrious terms he had lavished upon me.

By no sort of subterfuge were they to be permitted to be usurious.

For all your cuffings, cuffing you again With most usurious interest.

More often the rate of exchange is usurious on the part of the man.

The Jews were wealthy, and did no small harm by their usurious practices.

What usurious gossip-interest might be collected from such a capitol!

There are no “Gombeen men” here, he says, and no usurious shopkeepers.