Usurped [verb]

Definition of Usurped:

take over

Synonyms of Usurped:

Opposite/Antonyms of Usurped:

Sentence/Example of Usurped:

This was the rival whose place I had virtually, though not officially, usurped.

The mother's authority has been usurped by her male kindred, usually her brother.

Let us not be in haste to overthrow the usurped powers of the world.

She no longer felt that she had stolen the rose or usurped attention.

His functions were usurped by a military league and his sons removed from the army.

He found that the eminent of the Magi usurped the sovereignty after the death of Cambyses.

It was plain that Jerry had usurped the functions of his cab, and was carrying a "load."

Who was this Mrs. Fairfax who had usurped her fame and solitary devotion?

How often the fleshly mind has usurped His place in Thy worship!

The latter had usurped nothing, had cast no shades athwart his life.