Usurping [verb]

Definition of Usurping:

take over

Synonyms of Usurping:

Opposite/Antonyms of Usurping:

Sentence/Example of Usurping:

We are instructed by these petty experiences which usurp the hours and years.

You usurp the power that is mine, and you deliver me—me, your son—to the gallows.

Lastly, he bethought him of the man whose power he was bidden to usurp.

Who was to usurp my place at table, in my bed-room, and in my mother's heart?

I have allowed you to usurp the rule, to reverse our natural positions.

Though you are made my son by this day's work, you shall not usurp judgment.

The Dutch have again attempted to usurp that trade, as will be told later.

Or will you leave my mother's home and mine, and cease to usurp my rights?

This attempt to usurp authority was doomed to be disappointed.

The pride of our descendants, I suspect, will usurp that of majesty.