Utilitarianism [noun]

Definition of Utilitarianism:

moral law

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Sentence/Example of Utilitarianism:

But the mischievousness of Utilitarianism does not stop here.

Utilitarianism was too much for it, and its stones fell to Macadam.

It is nothing but utilitarianism, pure and simple, after all.

And Utilitarianism, as we saw, admits this maxim no less than other systems of Ethics.

This question is often ignored in expositions of Utilitarianism.

It is in some such way that the transition is made from Egoism to Utilitarianism.

We shall first discuss the efforts of utilitarianism to deal with the problem.

We have had enough of this idealism in words, and utilitarianism in acts.

Bentham's utilitarianism is considerably different from Paley's.

In the eye of Utilitarianism the flowers are but idle shows.