Utilization [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Utilization:

The utilization of credit begins, as we have seen, with the very planting of the crop.

Utilization of natural cover; construction of fieldworks and obstacles.

It is the utilization of this time, how best to employ it, that concerns us here.

It was on rapidity, quick judgment, the utilization of seconds, that he depended.

When utilization goes down to f, O comes into use, and so on.

This evil was tempered in Extremadura by the utilization of lands common.

Appended is a diagram that will give some idea of the utilization of corkwood.

The utilization of surplus milk in this way is of ancient origin.

What we were talking about was the utilization numbers from Fantasyland.

However, the utilization of both of these items was low in October.