Utilizes [verb]

Definition of Utilizes:

make use of

Synonyms of Utilizes:

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Sentence/Example of Utilizes:

Human vision, as he knew, utilizes only a tiny fraction of the spectrum.

He also utilizes the progress of science for the mechanism of his art.

It utilizes, I might add, not only solar radiation but that of the stars as well.

But your true Frenchman, of limited means, utilizes everything.

It is the feline art that utilizes all four limbs in combat.

That is, everyone who utilizes the land would have to pay to the state the value of its rent.

He utilizes neither the crane, nor the quail, nor the dromedary, nor the lizard.

This was the submarine signaling device, which utilizes water instead of air as a medium for transmitting sound.

England utilizes the refuse of her domestic establishment as cannon fodder.

It utilizes yarn below and above certain counts which cannot at present be used on the power-mill.