Utmost [adjective]

Definition of Utmost:

extreme, maximum

Opposite/Antonyms of Utmost:

Sentence/Example of Utmost:

They landed, and with the utmost haste proceeded toward the city.

He sprang to the rock, and exerted his utmost strength to dislodge it.

He was still exerting his strength to the utmost when the whistle of the locomotive was heard.

The wayfarers all gazed in the utmost astonishment at the interruption.

Then he went on quickly, with a tone of utmost positiveness.

The Inspector did not interrupt his work, but answered with the utmost good nature.

"With the utmost pleasure," cried Yates, springing to his feet.

Look where you might, there was nothing but the utmost sobriety and good behaviour.

He was set to work performing to the utmost the duties for which the temple called.

Now fly; for the other Gorgons will do their utmost to take vengeance for Medusa's death.