Utopian [adjective]

Definition of Utopian:

imaginary, ideal

Synonyms of Utopian:

Opposite/Antonyms of Utopian:

Sentence/Example of Utopian:

And the gentle Utopian Emperor had tried in vain to be killed on the battle-field.

The Utopian ideas which I have expressed have in no way the pretension to be new.

The prudence which teaches one man to be a Whig, will make of another a Utopian.

But the recital of this Utopian dream was rudely interrupted.

Bob, thus forming his Utopian plans, forgot the tedium of the trail.

An Utopian dream it appears, if we note but one side of the picture.

It was Utopian, being based, like all Utopian movements, upon abstract ideas.

It is not a Utopian and visionary theory, unsupported by experience.

This is not now, as it once might have been called, merely an Utopian dream.

Yet the Utopian children are made of the same clay as the children of other villages.