Utopians [noun]

Definition of Utopians:

person who dreams, is idealistic

Synonyms of Utopians:

Opposite/Antonyms of Utopians:

Sentence/Example of Utopians:

Two eminent Utopians have voiced this doubt in the recent past.

The only difficulty is to create the city, but that is a small matter to Utopians.

About fifty of the Utopians accompanied them to witness the burial.

The same points of moral philosophy are discussed by the Utopians as by us.

Hence the moral philosophy of the Utopians was both Utilitarian and Christian.

We've reached far and beyond the point ever dreamed of by Utopians.

We now know what was the "scientific" method of the Utopians.

So the Anarchist-Communists have nothing in common with the Utopians.

But here again it is easy to prove that it is not peculiar to the Utopians.

Spinoza had nothing but contempt for facile-tongued, feather-brained Utopians.