Utterly [adverb]

Definition of Utterly:


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Sentence/Example of Utterly:

She was too utterly unacquainted with the ground to venture.

I was certainly present at the ceremony, but I have utterly forgotten her name.

Too utterly at sea to make reply, Chip took the offered hand in his.

Inconsequent, wholly illogical, utterly indefensible explosions.

His confidence in her was broken, but not utterly destroyed.

It is not poor me, but something else, that in two years has changed you utterly.

I have never doubted that that impression was utterly groundless.

How utterly ignored was the negro's claim of common humanity!

The relation of cause and effect must be utterly unknown to mankind.

Am I so utterly disreputable that you find it necessary to frown on me so darkly?