Vacillate [verb]

Definition of Vacillate:

waver; fluctuate; go back and forth

Synonyms of Vacillate:

Opposite/Antonyms of Vacillate:

Sentence/Example of Vacillate:

He may pause, but he must not hesitate,—and tremble, but must not vacillate.

Long did he vacillate whether Tom Keane should not be arrested on suspicion.

They vacillate, conforming now to the interest of the wage-workers, now to the interest of the employers.

Why do you vacillate, and keep us all in the dark as to what you mean?

As if it were possible to wait now, to weigh, vacillate, hesitate!

"He is too independent to vacillate on account of ridicule," said Ida.

Therefore, we must not temporize nor vacillate in critical moments.

But Clydesdale did not vacillate in his set purpose for an instant.

It is wiser to be wrong and not hesitate than to vacillate and be right.

The Lamas are trained to wrangle and dispute and defer and vacillate.