Vagaries [noun]

Definition of Vagaries:


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Sentence/Example of Vagaries:

The power to hold in check the vagaries of imagination may be gone.

The vagaries of the mountain atmosphere rarely concerned him.

It has no thought of time and it accepts all the vagaries of your laziness.

Silvey smiled, as does an adult listening to the vagaries of a child.

The vagaries of the human mind are beyond our understanding.

It is too depressing, these vagaries, these senile ramblings of a superannuated musician.

Pussy sat at the window watching my vagaries with astonishment.

Let us talk a little about Susannah, and all these vagaries will be dispersed.

He had watched carefully, and knew something of the vagaries of the giant flail.

Its vagaries must be experienced and studied by any investigator of the atrocities of war.