Vagina [noun]

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It consists of a discharge from the Vagina, or the Uterus through the Vagina.

The internal organs of generation consist in the female of the Vagina, the Uterus, the Ovaries and their appendages.

It is connected with the Vagina, and opens into it by the small orifice called the mouth of the womb.

They are two broad folds of membranous and adipose substance, forming the portals to the Vulva, or entrance to the Vagina.

This is the external opening, or mouth of the Vagina, through which the child has to pass at the termination of delivery.

The upper part of the Vagina is much larger than the lower part, particularly in those who have borne children.

This rising of the womb makes the Vagina longer, and brings the neck of the womb nearer to its centre.

The part below the lower line here, shows that part of the neck which is contained in the Vagina.

On making an examination, the mouth of the Womb itself may now be felt, at the upper part of the Vagina, and far back.

The membranes may also be felt protruding into the Vagina, and distended, like a bladder.