Vagrants [noun]

Definition of Vagrants:

person with no permanent home and often with no means of support

Synonyms of Vagrants:

Opposite/Antonyms of Vagrants:


Sentence/Example of Vagrants:

He took to "vagrant courses," in which the muse forbears to follow him.

Their vagrant curiosity was aroused, but not yet to the point of investigation.

Is it, do you think chronic unemployment with a vagrant tendency?

Gabriel Faa, besides being a gipsy, was a vagrant and a deserter.

He used it as a whip with which to scourge any vagrant hopes that dared creep into his heart.

But I did not come here to-night to teach manners to vagrant Yankees.

This old tower is a complete brooding-place for vagrant birds.

The vagrant, shiftless freedman was a social problem as well as economic.

At a time when the question of "What is to be done with our vagrant children?"

The vagrant Indians of Manila and its environs amount to 781 tributes.