Vainest [adjective]

Definition of Vainest:


Opposite/Antonyms of Vainest:

Sentence/Example of Vainest:

Ambrose felt almost despairing as he heard in vain the last name.

But, bound as he was, we can understand why they looked in vain.

Weary and restless with vain waiting, they looked from the doorway at the weather.

You look in vain for any outward signs of profligacy or debauchery.

O the words of kindness, all to be expressed in vain, that flowed from her lips!

To attempt to eliminate fear and retain this concept of God is vain.

Williams, Gunby, and Howard, all strove in vain to bring it to order.

Some men are as vain as any women, and Corney was one of those some.

She strove her mightiest to rid herself of them, but in vain.

And this poet was proud, and vain, and in love with all distinctions.