Vainglorious [adjective]

Definition of Vainglorious:

boastful, proud

Synonyms of Vainglorious:

Opposite/Antonyms of Vainglorious:


Sentence/Example of Vainglorious:

The other (greatly to the vainglorious man's surprise) said: "I accept the challenge."

There is nothing too extravagant or too vainglorious for me to say of myself.

To have had a pastor always might have made them vainglorious.

Then even that had ceased and I had dropped into vainglorious apathy.

The mob ran swiftly, with vainglorious shouts from its leaders.

I answered, quite too happy to be anything but vainglorious.

The Germans introduced into their colophons some vainglorious notices.

Art thou a savage, resenting all address, or some vainglorious man?

Vainglorious males, they doubt her gift, because she is a female!

On the gulf of Urab the people are warlike, vainglorious, and revengeful.