Valences [noun]

Definition of Valences:

emotional force or attraction

Synonyms of Valences:

Opposite/Antonyms of Valences:


Sentence/Example of Valences:

By the time we reach Valence, soon after mid-day, we have passed one barge only.

We leave them in the early morning and get down into the windy station at Valence.

(p. 079) The agreeable and studious life at Valence was soon ended.

Arrived at Valence, he found that the old society had vanished.

He, Valence, knew Marie, and could not be mistaken in her identity.

Amongst these uncles William, Bishop-elect of Valence, took the lead.

In the dusk of the evening, Valence issued from Perth and took Bruce by surprise.

The exact date is not recorded; but we know that Valence was at Aberdeen on August 3.

One is inclined to give the credit of this defeat to Valence—if defeat there was.

A curious label will have been noticed in the arms of De Valence (Fig. 120).