Valentine [noun]

Definition of Valentine:

person who is loved by another

Synonyms of Valentine:

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Sentence/Example of Valentine:

From the beginning, too, Valentine like Shakespeare is a born lover.

At five-and-twenty Valentine was short, slight, and still girlish.

Valentine had sunk upon a chair, stifling with sobs, her limbs trembling.

Once in the linen-room, Valentine ordered all the doors to be carefully secured.

In her haste to get it all over Valentine made a great gesture of surrender.

Valentine then explained that Andree was not really well behaved.

Valentine took hold of them, sat them on her lap, and half stifled them with caresses.

Valentine, however, had stopped short, gazing at him fixedly.

Valentine, on being approached, at first manifested some surprise.

"I want you to look after my son, Valentine," whispered Villefort.