Valiance [noun]

Definition of Valiance:


Opposite/Antonyms of Valiance:

Sentence/Example of Valiance:

Well, his valiance should prove it; his valiance, afraid neither of light nor of darkness.

She was full of her work and enthusiastic over the valiance of her people.

Such audacity of courage seemed to him gallant in a man; in a woman, expressing faith in his valiance, it was enchanting.

She gives an impression of valiance without any hint of worldliness, or desire for any kind of flesh-pot.

Young and weak, and wrong of sex for doing any valiance, long I lay by my father's body, wringing out my wretchedness.

To prove his valiance and to exercise his body in feats of arms he was on his way to a tourney, armed and fortified in his joy.

I fought in the Atjeh war, and a brave people wondered at the valiance of a stranger.

His word has ever been a strength among us, and no man here but knows his valiance in the cause.