Validity [noun]

Definition of Validity:

genuineness, lawfulness

Synonyms of Validity:

Opposite/Antonyms of Validity:

Sentence/Example of Validity:

At this Johnson almost forgot that anger no longer had any validity.

You say nothing about anything else—about me, or the history of the concession, or its validity, or anything.

Therefore it is the validity of this assumption that we have here to investigate.

Why then, should they not establish its validity before the proper officers?

I won or lost on the validity of my logic—and whether I'd built a better mousetrap.

A place in which the validity of a philosophy is judged by the hat of its prophetess.

Hence upon their validity will depend the validity of our reasoning.

The unworthiness of the minister affects not the validity of his consecrated acts.

Then ask her, and when she has refused you, fight the validity of your father's will.

If the stamp on a will, a deed, or other document is not genuine, the document has no validity.