Valleys [noun]

Definition of Valleys:

hollow in the land

Synonyms of Valleys:

Opposite/Antonyms of Valleys:


Sentence/Example of Valleys:

Once more shall its donjon overlook from its height the two valleys.

From the level plain of the valleys the hills rise abruptly.

They often pierced the hills with tunnels and bridged the valleys or swamps.

The ridge between the two valleys was captured by the French on April 17, 1915.

The valleys stand so thick with corn that they laugh and sing.

The stars were peaks, the crosses were foothills, and the lines were creeks and valleys.

We have valleys and we have mountains; we have torrid and we have temperate zones.

There can be no doubt of the absolute identity of the formations in these valleys.

Here in America are the hills and valleys, the rivers and mountains that I know and care for.

From the direction of Hebron other valleys fall into this wide plain.