Valuables [noun]

Definition of Valuables:

prized possession

Synonyms of Valuables:

Opposite/Antonyms of Valuables:

Sentence/Example of Valuables:

Some threw their silver and pewter ware and other valuables into wells.

And the wagons containing their valuables had gone on ahead?

It irritated him that in such a moment she should give so much thought to her valuables.

All the valuables and most of the simple furniture had been saved.

With scarce a glance at the valuables, the thief thrust them into his pocket.

The whole premises were then searched, and all the valuables were seized.

The residents were told not to stop for clothes or valuables.

The city was full of warehouses, and the warehouses were crammed with valuables.

As he surmised, they were not likely to allow him to carry back the valuables he had in his possession.

It comes into my head that among the rest of my valuables I've Yorick's skull.