Value [noun]

Definition of Value:

financial worth

Synonyms of Value:

Opposite/Antonyms of Value:

Sentence/Example of Value:

Obulus, (plural Oboli)—A small coin, about the value of a penny.

He's too honest entirely to stale the value of a pin, let alone a carpetbag.

As a result the grain in the Egyptian markets had greatly increased in value.

I can bear witness to the value of her services in South Carolina and Florida.

It was but just, that a man should be spoken evil of, who set no value upon his reputation.

Have I not conjured you, as you value my peace—What is it that I do not give up?

He will know nothing of your tears, nor value them if he did.

The mere exposition of a thesis would have little or no value.

But my value is not my value to men; it is not even my value to myself; it is my value to God.

Of what value are milk, cream, and butter in the making of candy?