Valuing [adjective]

Definition of Valuing:

expressing adoration

Opposite/Antonyms of Valuing:

Sentence/Example of Valuing:

The same argument might be applied to the valuing of any business or profession.

And, with a judgment trained in the valuing of men, he turned to Jim as our leader.

Adverse criticism was out of the question for any one valuing his own repute.

We have no great right to wonder at his not valuing the name of Progillian.

In valuing any durable good, the theory of time-value is implied.

So each is measuring the services of all others, and all are valuing each.

Now your comrades are right in valuing your wit above others!

You are as right as possible in valuing the opinion of the world lightly.

In valuing this list the size of the county must be borne in mind.

Valuing them at only $5 each, one of these boxes represented the sum of $2,000.