Vamping [noun]

Definition of Vamping:


Synonyms of Vamping:

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Sentence/Example of Vamping:

Who wants to pick up with anyone they can vamp in the Subway?

To “vamp” is equal, in musical language, to 34“scamp” or to dodge up.

I gathered I had been guilty of falling for the Zerv equivalent of a vamp.

Turn and work across top of vamp with a double in each stitch.

Repeat 6th and 7th rows until you have 25 ribs, or the vamp is as deep as desired.

Or did Mrs. Hill vamp you and make roast meat of your heart with her eyes?

Well, Vamp, you know how to take the length of women's feet.

It was inconceivable that the Vamp should not be out every evening!

Haven't got far in the book—'Ow to Vamp—but still I'm getting on.

But she was just as far from being a "Vamp," or even a sort of up-to-date Becky Sharp.