Vanguard [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Vanguard:

For a whole month the German vanguard remained on the lookout in the village.

We are the pioneers, the vanguard, the riskers full of faith and hope.

Had we been forced to meet them vanguard to vanguard, on an equal footing, who could have been surprised?

Shall the vanguard consist of men who are greediest of honour?

Yet what of that great oncoming horde of which we were but the vanguard?

I could not believe it to be the vanguard of Hunter's army, but what on earth could it be?

At Agincourt in 1415 he commanded the vanguard of the French army, and was taken prisoner.

As for us, there were two good reasons why we, on the Vanguard, should not keep up the chase.

The seamen came up with the vanguard when they found gold in Caribou.

The Persian vanguard, 15,000 strong, was defeated at Elizabethpol.