Vanish [verb]

Definition of Vanish:


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Sentence/Example of Vanish:

And now they all vanish in a puff of smoke from the chimney.

If it is a town, it is one of those towns that vanish, like a city of tents.

There things may come and go, rise and vanish—he neither desires nor bemoans them.

I must vanish from your life, be gone as completely as though I had never entered it.

The crew held their breaths as if the apparition might vanish as suddenly as it appeared.

Surely all my dreams were not to vanish like the mist of the morning!

It came on me when I hollered to him, and, as a result of it, saw him vanish like a ghost.

Wou'd to God it may prove false, and that it may vanish like the dew of the morning.

What if I am lost in the alcoves of the hills, if I vanish forever in the night?

Why should they not dash across that field and vanish in the thicket?